Artist Opens Audio Engineering School

Stephen Devassy, a musical arranger, composer, performer, and educator at his audio engineering school, is well known to mix his music with contemporary and classical styles. His style can be compared as a collage of music across the continents, centuries, and genres. He is also well known as an enchanting stage performer, music arrangement innovator and original composer. Stephens career, which spans more or less 13 years, has given him the chance to arranged, compile and edit music for more than 2000 songs and these were in different languages.

Stephen, who comes from the Palakkad district in Ottapalam, has been showing his talent with the piano since his early adulthood. At this time, he started receiving different opportunities to perform and even work with the best musical artist in India, which include, Zakir Hussain, A.R. Rahman, Hariharan and Amjad Ali Khan to name a few. However, it was not until the last 6 years, when he began performing in Chennai, that he became interested in his vision, to open a professional recording studio and an audio engineering school. His first vision came true when he opened the Musik Lounge Studios in Saligramam. This recording studio is a professional mixing and production studio where artist can record, edit, compile and finish their music. His second vision, the Musik Lounge School of Audio Technology found in Vadapalani, has the latest technology related to audio engineering and production. The school is definitely one of the most updated in the area.

According the Stephen, working in Chennai lets him gain a solid foothold with the Indian film industry, specifically with the music production side. Some of the songs the Malayalam films use are largely made in the Chennai area. Because of the heavy work load the studio has, and the very easy accessibility for performers, Stephen decided to open a school. Enrollees at Stephens audio engineering school are given hands on experience with the music making science. The students also meet professionals and experienced audio engineers. This gives them the change to ask questions about the industry.

According to Stephen, happiness being felt by the listeners is the whole point of music. This happiness can only be achieved if the performer plays what the audience wants to listen to or is expecting to hear. Proper training, whether you are a performer or an audio engineer, is vital since its the only way for you to know if youre making your output correctly and if the people will like it.

Hair And Makeup Artist Los Angeles

If you are interested in hair and makeup for wedding Los Angeles, you have to be sure you will get the best deal on the market. There are a number of options you can make the most of and there are always new things you have to look into, but you are not always aware of them. The first thing you should worry about is the prices you will pay.

Professional hair and makeup for wedding Los Angeles implies a great deal of effort and this is one of the reasons why the price you will have to pay is also high. The results you will get are far better than the ones you can obtain on your own and you will look amazing during your special event, but you do not have to pay a fortune to get it done.

If you will turn to a renowned hair and makeup artist Los Angeles, most of the time you will have to pay more due to his or her name. Even though they work impeccably and you will surely look as close to perfect as you can, you can get the same results from other artists as well, even if their names do not show up on every billboard in town.

If you want to be sure about the deal you will get, first you have to look at the prices they have to offer. Every hair and makeup artist Los Angeles you will get in touch with has a certain price for the services you will get and you have to take the time in order to compare them before you choose. First you have to start with the lowest prices.

But the deal you will get has to focus on the quality you can benefit from as well. Hair and makeup for wedding Los Angeles is very important and you have to be sure you will look just as you wanted. No matter what technique they use in order to achieve their goals, you have to be sure you will not have any issues for the duration of the event.

Even if it will cost a little more, you can take the time to meet with the hair and makeup artist Los Angeles and talk about the things you want to get and you can also try a few versions. It will be an added cost, yet you will have the chance to change your style if you do not like it, a luxury you do not have during the morning of the event.

If you want to be sure you will get the professional look without the professional price tags, one of the first sites you have to visit is the one of This is where you will find a few examples of the work these artists can do and you will also learn about how much you have to pay. The deal you get is the best you can find on the market.

Cleo Announces Their Make Me A Makeup Artist Winner

CLEO Magazine announced the recent winner of their Make Me a Makeup Artist competition, sponsored by Priceline. The winner is Jaclyn Hnitko!

CLEO Magazine recently held a makeup artist competition in search of the most talented make-up artist. Of the thousands of applications that they received, the judges had to cut them down to just four competitors. Each make-up artist competed for $10,000, courtesy of Priceline, a LOral Paris Studio Secrets Professional Makeup Kit worth $2,500, and the opportunity to be a guest make-up artist on a six-page shoot in CLEO magazine.

In order to enter make-up artists, both amateurs and professionals, had to create a makeup look with various beauty products and send in a photo. They also had to answer a range of questions and send in a photo of themselves.

The make-up artists that made it to the competition were Amelia Axton, Ava Belle, Phoebe Goulding and Jaclyn Hnitko. During the competition, which was broadcasted via webisode series, each make-up artist had to compete in several different tasks in order to prove their ability using beauty products. The competitions consisted of The Natural Bronze Challenge, The Smoky Eye Challenge, The Bold Statement Lip, and the final challenge, which was free style. They preformed these challenges before a panel of judges.

These panel of judges consisted of professionals from the beauty field. They were Anna Hull, Head Beauty Buyer for Priceline; Rae Morris, L’Oreal Paris Make-up Artist; and Rachael Mannell, Beauty Editor for CLEO Magazine.

Hnitko emerged victorious because of her “impeccable technical skills, brilliant grasp of colour and artistic flair,” according to

Hnitko is from Wentworthville, New South Wales. When asked why she decided to be a make-up artist, she said, So I can work in the industry most girls dream of! Id love my creativity, skills and knowledge to be seen in various forms of work, from beauty to advertising. Hnitko said that when she found out that she had been chosen to compete in the Make Me A Makeup Artist competition, she thought somebody was playing a bad joke on her. When asked whose makeup she would most want to do, Hnitko said Lady Gaga. She explained, “she is very open-minded and a trendsetter. Plus, her high profile will be able to propel my work into the mainstream and give me either positive or negative feedback.

Priceline issued the following statement through their website regarding the makeup artist competition: “Priceline is immensely proud to have been the major sponsor of this competition and wishes all the finalists the best of luck for a bright future in the makeup industry.”

Metal Artwork By Artist Nicholas Yust

Nicholas Yust got his start at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design Art Architecture and Planning, concentrating his individual studies on Fine Art together with Indoor Architecture. Along with his modern artwork being a side project, he shifted his emphasis to engineering and ultimately obtained a diploma in metallurgical engineering.

His particular passion and ability with metal headed him to a successful vocation with the U . s . Air Force and eventually GE Aviation. As he continued to build up his technical abilities and gain experience with metal, his particular love for artwork started to take over and his side-project of creating metal wall art work for modern art lovers moved forward to a full-time position.

Metal Artwork

Most of the art work in Nicholas’ metal art galleries is composed of his signature metal wall art pieces (he’s equally talented building standing sculptures from metal and features a gallery devoted to that kind of artwork as well.) The metal wall art is made by hand and contains custom made mounting brackets and spacers that will conform to a variety of wall hanging methods.

-Green- Metal Art

Nearly every one of Nicholas Yust’s art peices were created out of environmentally-friendly metals and procedures, so not only is he possibly the most skilled and talented metal artists on earth, but he even creates ‘green’ metal art. What Makes Nicholas Yust’s Metal Art Superior?

Bending – The artist’s expertise in bending and shaping metal originates from his many years of experience as a metal engineer.

Grinding – He’s created a wide range of grind designs that he applies to his particular metal artwork utilizing numerous grind procedures and tools.

Coloring – Nicholas has enhanced the entire process of coloring metal wall art work utilizing semi-transparent paints that display his grind patterns through the coloring. Variety – He’s an expert in various metals, creating wall art out of aluminum, steel, copper and bronze, primarily.

Cutting – Nicholas Yust is able to use CNC-cutting technology to cut his metal art in any shape, for example company logos and custom made requests.

Nicholas Yust is really a leader in the metal art business, marketing his wall art worldwide. No ultra-modern office or home interior is finished without a Nicholas Yust metal wall sculpture!

We are offering metal art works from our modern metal art & home/office wall artwork decor. All is hand crafted by American metalwork artist Nicholas Yust. Our modern work is created from fine, quality, environmentally-safe metals.For more info on metal works please have a look at our site.

What Are Artist Books

Artists books are really popular amongst the art lovers due to their various forms and unique sort of presentation. They mostly contain creations of the contemporary art. Often published in small editions, these are specially mentioned as unique and one-of-a-kind. An artist book has evolved to its current form from the stages like scrolls, concertinas and fold-outs. Along with bound printed sheets, they are compiled in a box with loose printed sheets.
What are artists books?
There is no single definition that can explain what an artist book is. As Stephen Bury defined, they are books or book-like things with high-degree of control by the artist. These books intend as the artists work of art. History of these priceless books goes back in early medieval Europe. However, William Blake is considered as the earliest antecedent of the artist books. Blake along with his wife created, colored, illustrated and wrote various books, including Songs of Innocence and of Experience. These books are closely related with the artist and they are often self-created, self-designed and self-printed by the artists. Many books were published during the World War I.
History and glory of the artists books
The livre d’artiste or livre de peintre that originated in France in early 20th century are considered as the original precursor of these books. One thing that differentiates this book from the rest of their contemporaries is the fact that they contain pages directly printed from the source. These sources were originally created by the artists. Books created by American artist Ed Ruscha and Swiss-German artist Dieter Roth in 50s and 60s are said to the keystones of the contemporary books of art.
Books of art became highly popular after 1960 and they still continue to be in high demand. The art of creating spread across the globe during this era. A lot more artists ventured into creating art books during 80s and 90s with advanced techniques and a lot more detailing. Today they are creates using modern technology, computers and high-tech software. Artist books are gaining popularity in the developing countries like India.
India has been an ancient worshipper or art and crafts. Earliest traces of artists books can be traced in India in the form of ancient manuscripts. Today, they are recognized as a distinct genre of contemporary art in India. They are critically acclaimed and demanded by classes and royal families. Museums of contemporary art, art houses and libraries are the perfect places to find collections of contextual books created by renowned artists from across the globe.
You can also find online. Its the easiest way to access the books of various artists from Indian and world platform. Several online art houses have published their collection of art books online. You need to be careful while selecting these materials since they are fragile and intellectual property of utmost importance.

New Project and Interview [Excerpt] from Artist Fawn Rogers

Fawn Rogers releases first mention of new, multi-faceted art installation for exhibition in Los Angeles and New York.

Los Angeles, CA, December 17, 2013 – Having traveled extensively in over 50 countries, with professional art exhibitions on four continents, artist Fawn Rogers has a habit of embracing the full range of human experience.

Since her first public installation in Puna, India in 1993 (a three-story site-specific installation titled -Jewels, Gods, and Dust-), Rogers has covered the map – literally and artistically – in her attempts to reflect and inspire experience. Other notable international exhibitions have included -Kokoro- in Tokyo in 1995, and -Earth to Hand- in Marche, Italy in 1999.

Her most recent installation, a commission of works from the Visible Light series, is currently on view at Alan Friedman, 350 N Canon Drive in Beverly Hills.

She recently sat down for an interview on her work with light. The following is an excerpt:

Interviewer: -You’ve worked in a variety of media, and in a variety of settings. Do you feel like there’s a sort of through-line, or central theme to your work?-

Fawn Rogers: -Human connection to others and nature. Sensuality. The interplay of light and the abyss.-

IN: -How has that been a part of the current series?-

FR: -Technically speaking, the substance of the art is pure light. There is a dichotomy between that work and the Garden Light series, which has lots of motion and energy, and is curated from photographic images taken at midnight. In a non-technical sense, the work came from a very dark place for me, historically. I was inspired to create this work in response to the abyss.-

IN: -What do you have in the works for upcoming projects?-

FR: -I just completed a proposal for a possible public exhibition at LAX. And I’m working on a fine art video installation that I’m very excited about. It’s titled -I LOVE YOU AND THAT MAKES ME GOD.- The project comes from a metaphysical place – is it empowering or disempowering? In some capacity, it’s part of a dialogue with theories of love as exchange of power. And it’s about evolution – Art through human history and who we are right now and who I am right now; both our evolution and an awareness of that evolution.-

Contact: Amanda Bermudez Fawn Rogers 3530 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1460 Los Angeles, CA USA 310-447-2044

Artist Lights The Way For Making Victorian Lampshades

Roseville, California
The first time Mary Maxwell saw a Victorian lamp shade, she was hooked. It was the most incredibly gorgeous thing I had ever seen, recalls Maxwell, an artist and founder of Heart Enterprises, Victorian Lampshades designs, kits, and instructional DVDs.
I had to know how to make them, I was driven, that was in 1972.

Since then, Maxwell has become the Nations Premiere Designer of and has sold hundreds of her beautiful Victorian lamps to clients across the United States and through out the world.

Each shade is meticulously hand-sewn using imported silks, velvets and other fine materials and decorated with rosettes, vintage trims and beaded fringe to complete the beautiful beaded lamp shade design.

By 1990, Maxwells work which sells for an average of $750 for a completed lamp & shade saw such demand, that she decided to create a series of 3 instructional videos, now-(DVDs) to teach step by step the techniques for making lamp shades.
All you need is basic sewing skills, and with Maxwells instructions you can create a family heirloom yourself.

The beginner program How to Make is 75mins. And walks the viewer thru the entire process of making a Victorian lampshade.
This technique is for all sizes and styles and you can make many lampshades with just this instruction. The next program is How to Make Victorian SUGAR Shades and Other Advanced Techniques. This Advanced program is also 75 mins. and does not repeat anything from the Beginner program. The 3rd program is
How to Restore Traditional Style Lampshades. 65 mins. and a completely different way of recreating the Bell or Drum, or Italian style lampshades that have an inside stretch lining. Maxwells programs are the only ones that teach the art of hand sewing these beautiful lampshades, quality is built to last. Maxwell is available for your questions via email to or sign up for her free newsletter thru the website

In addition, Maxwells work has been showcased in numerous magazines, and books, including, Victorian Homes , Romantic Country, Victorian Decorating magazine, and on the Discovery Channel- Creative Living and the Christopher Lowell home show. Maxwell was nominated as Craft Designer of the Year in 1997 .

For your convenience, she has available many Ornate Lampshade Frames, Bead Fringes, or complete lampshade KITS, plus and bridge lamps. To see her selection visit her online store.

Is Psychopathic Records Artist Icp A Gang Without The Gangster Rap

Gangster rap was ubiquitous in the mid 90s. Gangster rappers like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac and more were most known for perpetuating rivalries with their gritty gangster raps. Saying Psychopathic Records group ICP is a gang is wrong on many levels, but lets start with the reason that they are not because ICP sounds nothing like any of these gangster rappers.

Fast forward 15 or so years. Where has the gangster rap gone? Its certainly not in the mainstream. Today, our billboard charts are loaded with R&B and other Pop genres. Very rarely has there been a chart topping mainstream rap song in recent memory to epitomize the true meaning of gangster rap.

However, that hasnt stopped culturally out-of-touch government agencies like the FBI to label other rappers as gangster rappers in gangs. Yes, believe it or not, the FBI sincerely believes that Psychopathic Records horror rap juggernaut Insane Clown Posse and their fan base are part of one not so elaborate gang.

Do you think Psychopathic Records artist ICP is a gang? If youre a Juggalo, obviously not. You know better. But if youre new to the topic, its ok to be a little unsure. Continue reading to see why the FBI is wrong in thinking that ICP is a gang.

First of all, if ICP is a gang than theyre the smallest gang there ever was, because the ICP “gang” consists of 2 people: Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Who the FBI were trying to accuse of being part of a gang are ICPs fan base, the Juggalos, who also enjoy music by other Psychopathic Records artists.

However, that said, theres still no way that a network as large as the Juggalos could be a functioning gang. Not only do they not listen to gangster rap, but saying Juggalos are a gang would be like saying teenagers are a gang.

Psychopathic Records may spawn some interesting artists whose lyrical content is focused on morbid topics like murder and suicide, but they are never serious. Furthermore, these Psychopathic Records who jokingly rap about these topics never include any gangster rap ideology in their lyrics.

Additionally, if a Juggalo did commit murder after listening to a song performed by a Psychopathic Records artist, it would be impossible to prove that a powerful ICP “gang” provided any motivation, especially because the band themselves is clearly not a gang.

The funniest accusation in the FBIs report is that the ICP “gang” communicates via social media, and are especially suspicious because they are transient by nature. The FBI could have answered their own question here the fact that Juggalos are “transient” really just means that they are normal people who move about and are not confined to one particular geographic area.

Saying ICP is a gang with Juggalo members would be no different than claiming that Nirvana and its fans were one giant gang in the early 90s!

Dr Follorio A Cosmetic Artist At Work

Dr Michael Florillio belongs to Rockland country native and has grown up in west Nyack, NY. He graduated from Clarks town South High School in 1983. Dr florillio graduated top class from Chicago Medical School.

He graduated as a general surgeon Stated Island University Hospital and is board certified in general surgery. He also gained a fellowship in Plastic Surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr Florillio has over 20 articles to his credit, a textbook chapter and a book. He has been a Plastic Surgeon practitioner from the year 1998 in Rocken and Bergen Counties.

Affiliated to many local and well known hospitals including Good Samaritan, Nyack Hospital, Hackensack Hospital, Valley Hospital and Pascack Valley Hospital.

He has also served as a Fight Doctor for boxing in New York state working in many championship fights at Madison Square Garden and Atlantic Square. Also shows like The Howard Stem show and MSG Network have featured him. Also international channels like Fox News, Good Morning America ,The Doctors, and The View. With A list celebrities as his clients ,he is a well respected figure within the industry . The stars of shows like The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Mob wives line up to him for treatment and cosmetic surgical advice.

He is also behind the genesis of the Lumique medi spa which gives various treatment options to explore the beauty of your body and various diverse ways in which it can be enhanced .Whether a scar or a repair everything has solution at this medispa. Even unwanted inches of fat can be removed without any operation, a bloodless and non anaesthesia procedure. After taking the treatment you can head home and get back at your schedule. It has a five star ambience, a spa like treatment for all its patients, the lights , the colours and of course the treatment done by Dr Florillio can rejuvenate and heighten your pleasure and make it an experience to remember just like attending a Normal Spa.

A man of his work , Dr Florrilo is an artist and perfectionist at his work. Ofcourse redesigning someones face or beautifying that scared spot or still making your curves look perfect requires the imagination of an artist who can paint and draw to perfection. His imaginations, attentiveness and care works wonders and bring out the best surgical results for his patients.

A visit to the Dr Florillo at his Lumnique Medi spa will definitely help illuminate your thoughts about beauty and perfection and eliminate those feeling of doubt and negativity.

Ed Hardy – From Tattoo Artist To Fashion Brand

Before breaking into the fashion world, Don Ed Hardy was a tattoo artist from Southern California. He was born in 1945 and graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In 1973, he had the opportunity to study Japanese tattoo design under Horihide, a master of classical Japanese tattoo. Don Ed Hardy’s tattoos are one-of-a-kind and recognised around the world.

He and his wife have published a series of books about alternative art, under the label of Hardy Marks Publications. Hardy’s publishing career began with his five-part series “Tattootime.” He now has over 25 publications to his name, including many catalogs of his work.

Although Hardy no longer tattoos, he still oversees the work done at his studio, Tattoo City in San Francisco. He continues to concentrate on other art forms, including printmaking, painting and drawing, using his distinctive style.

In 2002, Hardy made the move into the world of fashion, licensing Ku USA to begin production of clothing using his artwork and style. Saks noticed the colorful and unique designs and began to distribute the clothing. Hardy formed an LLC with Ku USA, called Hardy Life.

The Ed Hardy clothing line was later licensed to Christian Audigier in 2004, following a chance meeting. Celebrities quickly picked up on the new fashion line and a new trend was born: tattoo fashion. Ed Hardy stores were opened in fashion districts, including New York, Los Angeles and Dubai. Devotees of the brand consider it more of a lifestyle celebrating tattoo art, rather than simply clothing to wear.

An Ed Hardy line is also available for kids. The line features clothing ranging from baby sizes all the way up to clothing for teens, available up to size 16. Items available include designer T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, jeans and even school supplies featuring tattoo artwork.

A line of professional styling tools marketed under the Ed Hardy name was introduced in 2010. The tools, all featuring the Ed Hardy name and artwork, include items like styling irons, blow dryers and hair accessories.

The Christian Audigier fragrance line first introduced Ed Hardy fragrances in 2008. The first offerings were Ed Hardy for women and Ed Hardy for men. The feminine version brings to life the vibrant tattoo art. The bright fruity scents of mango, strawberries and grapefruit are instant attention grabbers, the fragrant representation of the blazing colors in the artwork. Ed Hardy for men is woody and aromatic, with mandarin orange, bergamot and sage at the top, a hint of mint and a deep base of amber and musk.

These fragrances were followed by other in the series, including Hearts and Daggers, Love and Luck, Born Wild and Villain. Most of the fragrances in the Ed Hardy collection are available in both men’s and women’s versions.