The World Of Entertainment Salutes Oz

Are you a fan of OZ or havent you heard about the OZ as being in the new generation? The world of entertainment with the advent of science and technology has surprised the audience and fans through the magical and musical performance of Oz. It is the only feature film that can be categorized as trademark for family-friendly entertainment feature film to date till now. Wholesome entertainment achieved its great height and meaning through this particular effort in the world of media. It is still remembered, loved and cherished by all who look forward for quality entertainment in the present scenario of happenings in the world of entertainment.

is an all time favorite among the fans and movie-goers in the world of cinemas. It was widely accepted and become much popular among all the age group. It has carved a name for itself because of its unique concept and the use of latest state of art technology. The movies of the OZ category still have its own fan following in the open market. This also leads to the pressure of production of new movies of this category in the upcoming years to entertain the fans and audience with higher level of satisfaction and perfection.

is an American fantasy plus adventure film made in 1939 by the popular studio named Metro Goldwyn-Mayer. The film is based on the novel named The wonderful Wizard of Oz written by L.Frank Baum during 1900. The star cast were Judy Garland, Jack Haley, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, and Frank Morgan, with Margaret Hamilton, Clara Blandick , Billie Burke, Charley Grapewin, and the Singer Midgets. It was filmed with latest state of art technology of those days known as Technicolor. The film gained immense popularity and wide acceptance among the fans and audience because of its unique way of storytelling, unusual characters and their best performance plus stunning musical sore. The film depicted the best og the American popular culture. It is to be remembered that this particular film is known as one of the best known of all films by the lover lovers in this world.

OZ 2014 is gaining immense popularity and wide acceptance among the fans and audience across the world. It is to be noted that more and more efforts are given to bring out the best of the entertainment world for the upcoming year 2014 in the name of OZ for its fans and audience who are waiting with great expectations and enthusiasm. It is to be highly remembered that people of all age group go crazy over Oz and its unique concept that really entertains all with higher level of satisfaction in the world of entertainment.