Entertainment Marketing And Media Forms

As quickly as technology changes the way that we view media, so must the marketing world adapt to the viewer’s preferences. In terms of entertainment marketing, that can take several forms. In one form, talent is used in a traditional marketing campaign to enhance the visibility of the product through celebrity recognition. This also has the added value of building trust between a company and the public- given, this trust has not actually been earned by the company, but through the talent’s willingness to speak for and endorse the product, the trust given the talent by the public is transferred, at least in part, over to the company.

Another form of entertainment marketing that has been quickly growing recently has been enhanced product placement in media, such as in TV shows. Suddenly, popular sitcoms on major networks are discussing products and flashing brand names. The same is also quite easy to see in major league sports. Why might this be? Well, for one, the way people watch TV is changing. A growing number of people are not watching TV, they are watching the shows online, and so do not have the same commercial experience as those watching over the networks’ broadcast. The best way to make sure the target market you want to get your message from a celebrity source they know is to embed it in the very show itself- where it will remain regardless of the medium in which the show is watched.

Of course, when it comes to a viewer network of those watching online, especially through legal means, there is still commercial space being sold surrounding the show. These commercials, which tend to come only one at a time and may at the beginning or as “regular commercial breaks” throughout the show. Viewers are less likely to walk away or stop watching when they know it is only a single commercial before their show resumes.

All said and done, entertainment marketing has a lot of value, and a wide variety of venues in which to apply it. The best way to have a successful campaign is to work with a company who already has the connections and the know-how. Like all forms of marketing, there’s getting it done, and there’s getting it done right. Stop and think- how many times have you noticed a celebrity doing a commercial? Likely, the chances are that even when you questioned why, you still noticed it. Like a good PR campaign, the right celebrity can boost your visibility and success like magic.